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Originally Posted by BB57 View Post
Some one brought up the micro sized 9mm Luger pistols.

For example you can get a Kimber Micro Carry in .380 ACP at 13.4 oz or you can get the Kimber Micro 9 in 9mm Luger at 15.6 oz.

Given the apples to apples operating systems, and the significantly more powerful 9mm Luger round, the Micro 9 is going to generate more recoil, both actual and perceived, than the .380 ACP.

Unless someone is willing and able to shoot the Micro 9 as well as the Micro Carry, the Micro 9 is a bad choice for them - they will be better served getting more round on target in less time with the smaller .380 ACP.


I don't regard the .380 ACP as my first choice as a primary self defense handgun, although I do carry it as my only pistol in some specific situations. I have however carried the PPK/S and more recently the Kimber Micro Carry as a back up on a regular basis. Both are small enough to carry in a pocket holster. The Kimber Micro Carry has the advantage of being about 10 oz lighter, and it's a little shorter, but the PPK/S, despite the sharper recoil, has an edge in accuracy.

I considered the Mico 9, but it doesn't shoot as well as either of the above pistols and with a additional .4" in length, it's just a bit too long for pocket carry as a backup.

And it also fails in one role of a back up pistol in our household - handing it off to my wife. My wife does not conceal carry. While she shoots, she does not shoot nearly as much as I do and is not as proficient with heavier recoiling pistols. She can however shoot a Kimber Micro Carry just fine. Consequently, if we end up walking into a situation where we need to withdraw, I can hand the Kimber Micro to her in its pocket holster and she can then lead the retreat while I cover our retreat with my primary pistol.

In other words, how you plan to use a small pistol should also come into consideration when choosing the pistol.
I always found the blowback 380s to have much more felt recoil then the micro 9. Shooting my friend's Beretta 84 was extremely unpleasant despite it being rather big for today's standards and all steel. On the other hand I can comfortably shoot a Kahr PM 9 all day

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