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Originally Posted by DWalt View Post
I'd agree that in this case, a letter is warranted. But I am not sure it will resolve the issue of whether it shipped with Magnas or round-top service grips. It may say only that it shipped with checkered wood grips. Does anyone have a letter for a K22/40 which specifies exactly which type of grips shipped with it?
I wish I knew where you got the idea all 22/40's were shipped with Magna's because I was of the same opinion----for a looooooong time. That said, I was a happy camper when the letter on the one I have now said it was shipped with grip adapter attached----and that pretty much ruled out Magna's---and the back side of the grips were like new----like they'd spent the better part of their life up against a grip adapter----instead of a grip frame. My next concern was the grips weren't numbered to the gun----until I figured out why. They weren't numbered to the gun because they weren't fit to the gun---nor was the adapter.

Sometimes it takes awhile, but I eventually get these things figured out.

Ralph Tremaine
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