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Default Recommend model(s) for 3" carry revolver

I currently have and carry a S&W 9mm shield and I like it. My wife has a model 642. I like the 642 OK but the barrel is a bit shorter than I'd like and I would prefer 357 magnum for myself.

While I like my 9mm shield, I still really like revolvers. So with so many models of S&W revolvers I thought I would ask the experts here.

I have shot my brothers Ruger LCR in 357 and it is OK. But again such a short barrel and a little too light gun which is less than enjoyable to shoot in 357 with marginal performance Advantage of going to 357.

I think a 3" barrel is a compromise for 357. I am a smaller build man, and trying to conceal anything more than a 3" barrel would get difficult.

I also own a model 17 K frame 22 LR. And I'm thinking a steel K-frame 3" model in 357 would be about right. I would prefer models that were at least 38+P capable. I suspect there are several S&W model numbers that would fit that criteria. I would prefer adjustable sights and a full extractor/ejection rod to cleanly eject 357 empty cases. (Hence the 3" barrel version should allow that I think)

I would also consider a ruger models, something like a security six. Maybe SP101, but the 101 is getting to the high side of weight I woild consider.

I would love to be able to carry this gun frequently and do not want to do this with a $1,000 or something gun. I'm thinking something to about the $650 range. I have no issue with buying used, and frankly would prefer older S&W or Ruger models.

So guys, can you help me narrow down my search to a handful of models in S&W and maybe Ruger models?

Thanks in advance for your thoughtful responses.
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