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Originally Posted by ChattanoogaPhil View Post
I use my EDC flashlight and knife all the time. I used my EDC flashlight three times yesterday. Once to inspect a gun I was purchasing and again later in the afternoon when I was fooling around with stereo component connections behind the TV and again to read the dang menu in a restaurant. Used the knife yesterday to open a delivery package. The one thing that never gets used is the gun!

paranoid in chattanooga

Dear "Paranoid in Chattanooga",
Have someone order for you in the restaurant, use blunt plastic scissors to open packages and have your nails done at a styling salon. As far as using a flashlight for home handiwork, hire a nerd with a college degree-- don't foolishly endanger yourself by messing with wires and such.
Ms. Manners
Retreat,hell.We just got here!
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