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Originally Posted by federali View Post
Look no further. The gun you want is either a 3" K frame round butt model 13 or 65. One is blued, the other is stainless. In my opinion, the 3" K frame is the most ideal SD handgun offered.
"I'm thinking something to about the $650 range. I have no issue with buying used, and frankly would prefer older S&W or Ruger models."

Since you really like the K-Frame 17 you will love the 13/65 for carry with the round butt... Just find a set of grips you like and it will be perfect.

That said finding a good clean 65/13 3" is kinda hard these days. Your best bet is one of the auction sites like GunBroker or Auction Arms. ARMSLIST and GunsInternational are good places to look also.

Expect to pay $600-800 for the 65...not sure but I think the 13s go for a little more.

The 60-10 and 60-15 are also excellent guns for CC... I have one that I use a lot while fishing and boating... I've shot it with .357 Magnum ammo against the 65 3" and there is little difference between the two in realistic short range combat scenarios. And it is a little easier to carry than the 65/13. Price range for a pre-IL -10 is in the $650 range with the -15 a little less.

The GP100 or an older round butt Security-Six are nice guns...3" fixed sight ones go in the $525-650 range....

As to the hammer spur, they can always be ground off or replaced with a spurrless one...

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