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Originally Posted by murphydog View Post
A 3" K frame is listed at 30.5 and the SP101 27 ounces. Some rubber grips for the K frame are pretty heavy, not to mention the extra fraction of an ounce for the sixth round .

It's a mistake to consider just weight. The SP has less bulk.

The right holster and belt will minimize felt weight, and you need some mass in firing hot .38 Plus P or .357 ammo.

The S&W M-60-4 .38 or Ruger SP in .357 would be my choices. I'd def. select the Ruger over the S&W if I wanted .357 chambering.

Most people answering questions like this do not read the OP carefully. That's why you're getting those references to K-framed guns. Given that you're a small man, I think I'd avoid guns that size for concealed wear.

Col. John S, Mosby, CSA, only weighed about 125 pounds, but was so dangerous that he had Lincoln feeling unsafe from him in the White House! But Mosby wore his Colt .44's openly!
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