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He's entitled to his opinion, and the 45 ACP is obviously a proven round. I think it is one of the easiest to reload cartridges that have been conceived. Certainly the most easy go reload and get good accuracy and reliability in my experience.

The 45's legendary man-stopping properties all seem to originate from the Philippine Insurrection where the Army's 38 Colt service revolvers were found to be ineffective against determined, possibly substance-influenced attackers. My question in all of the debate was about where the rifles were to begin with? From what I've read of that overall campaign, there were some attacks on Army units that were primarily successful due to surprise on the part of the insurgents, and lax security on the part of the Army. I don't know if officers who might have had their revolvers readily available while the troops had their long guns stacked played into the story of the ineffectiveness of the smaller caliber. Another question was what long arms the Army carried into the Philippines? The 30-40 Krag was the standard infantry weapon of the time, but it seems that even after the Spanish-American War, was not necessarily in great supply. I've even seen some reference that Guard units activated from the Midwest could have even still been armed with 45-70 Trapdoor Springfield single shots. The Trapdoors, while faster to load and fire then their muzzle loading predecessors, still weren't ideal, which may have indicated the need to transition to a handgun during a massed frontal attacks. And furthermore, no one seems to dispute the effectiveness of the .45 Colt cartridge, or likely the .45 Scholfield in 230 grain RNL form that might have accompanied the SAAs that were supposedly shipped in.

Until the Centerfire cartridge is replaced by eventual advances in weaponry (particle handgun, lasers, phasers, disrupters, blaster, etc) the 45 ACP is going to appreciate a following, along with all of the advances that enhance the performance of lesser calibers.

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