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If one looks for the information from real experts who conduct validated research, the most accessible of which is probably Gary Roberts, the major service calibers all perform about the same. The proper basis for deciding among the those loads that have been found to meet the standard is cost and accessibility of ammo, which will come out in favor of the 9mm almost all the time.

The ergonomics of the platform for a given shooter are also important. That includes, among other things, recoil, again, the 9mm is likely to come out ahead. I find the 45ACP at standard pressure to be much less obnoxious than the .40. The biggest thing is training - knowing where to put rounds on a human body, and doing so as reliably as possible. That takes a lot of ammo and range time - hence, the 9mm most of the time is the best of the compromises. This is even more true with smaller shooters, including women, and older shooters, a group to which I am transitioning. My days of hot loads in .357/.41/.44 are ending - 9mm +p and standard velocity SWCs for revolvers are becoming my default.
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