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1. "Vintage" often is used as a generic term. So it's like saying my barrel is inches long, it's meaningless w/o specificity.

So one must specify the vintage one is referring to. You picked pre 1958 vintage. That's good and clear to anyone.

2. It's too easy to generalize the finish over a long period of time but not accurately because over your chosen vintage period, the finish/process changed several times, can be different by model, and particularly for the 10 years following each world war when the satin finish was standard unless special ordered.

3. I would never get a 're-blue or refinish' and that's not what you want. You actually want a "finish restoration" which also implies factory matching prep and polishing techniques. That's a big difference! To do or not is a personal decision but if you do, forget about collector value, period.

And yes Ford's is considered excellent by most, you must specify the finish you want and price will be commensurate with your choice.

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