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Originally Posted by LAA View Post
When I heard about Smith & Wesson putting out a 45 ACP Shield for sale, I thought no way. I had no interest whatsoever. I already had the 9mm Shield, while comparing their new 45, to 1911s & my Springfield 5.25" XDM 45 in my mind.

I figured the accuracy, wouldn't be there, and the recoil would be too much. After reading numerous positive reports for the 45 Shield, I picked one up. First day I had it at the range, I was amazed. Great accuracy, and recoil that wasn't much more than the 9mm. That was six months ago.

Today, I still feel the same! Shot it, along with my 9mm & Ruger 380 LCP. In reality, the 45 Shield isn't that much worse recoil wise, than that teeny wimpy LCP. It's still amazingly accurate too!

I grew up with revolvers (357 & 44 mag), but this 45 will remain my carry weapon. It's not that much larger or heavier than the 9mm Shield. I'll never plan to haul a 1911 around, for a CC.

I don't mind some of Yankee Marshall videos. I've seen a lot of them. Of course, this one, I didn't agree.

P.S. --- I reload 45's by the thousands. Cost is almost a non event. Same for 38 Special, 357 & 44 mag.
That's a good point, I never thought about trying to carry a .45 in a small package like a Shield. If I want a bit more power in a carry gun I just grab my Model 66 snubby with Buffalo Bore Short Barrel .357 magnum ammo (158 gr JHP @ 1,100 fps from the 2.5" barrel).

I guess if you need a big bore in a compact firearm the Shield .45 could work.