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Originally Posted by JohnHL View Post
I recently came into possession of this slide:

Factory Experimental 5906 Slide

and several others, plus some parts that also appear to have been crafted in/by the Smith & Wesson Model Shop (also known as the Experimental Shop) around the time of the transition from 2nd to 3rd gen.

I would love to share them with the Forum, but first I would like to contact the original owner and author of the linked thread, Dave Nash.
I can't PM him because his mailbox is full and I don't have his e-mail address or phone number.

If you know or can contact Dave Nash, please put him in touch with me.

Just a teaser:
The first experimental 4516
The first experimental DAO

Dave Nash can verify.

Why not just respond to one of his threads that you're trying to contact him. He should receive an e-mail notification of the thread response.
Watch & Pray
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