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I am not totally against rechambering. But, a lot of those that are around were done when both model 28s and labor was a lot less and the big bores were a lot harder to come by.

ddixe is correct on the cylinder length. If you use a model 28 cylinder for a 45 colt of a 41 mag conversion you will not be able to load the longer bullets unless you seat them deep. I had a 25-3 which was the first of the model 25 colt guns, and it had the same shorter cylinder length as the N frame 357 and had to seat my 255 gr SWC in front of front band, same thing with my first 45 colt conversion using a 28 cylinder. The factory 42 mags and 45 colts from 25-5 on use a longer 44 mag length cylinder. I have 5 45 colt conversions now, a model 1955, 2 model 629s and a Brazilian done into a carbine. All now use reamed 44 mag cylinders. I also have a 455 triple lock that was converted by reaming before I bought it. I wish the TL was unconverted and that I had left the 1955 alone, but the 1955 was done before I knew they were something "special". To late now.
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