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Default I Never Saw One Before...So I Bought It!

It's true! I walked into my LGS and my favorite salesman motioned me over. He wanted to show me a S&W Md 745. It was beautiful! I was particularly attracted to the 4 color tones S&W used on this gun, blue slide, wood stocks, polished stainless and matte stainless. It also came with original box, unopened tools and documents. I didn't have a 2nd Gen so I decided I needed to take this one home even though the price seemed quite high ($750). I didn't have enough cash so I put it in lay-a-way. Meanwhile I started to do some research and learned that this gun was introduced as a tenth anniversary (1986) commemorative of IPSC Competitions. The early 745s were engraved with gold lettering. Mine was made a bit later in late 1987 and does not have the engraving.

Earlier this week I asked about magazine compatibility here on the forum. I was happy to learn that mags from the 645, 745, and 4506 are all interchageable. And forum member Sevens gave a detailed list of the many differences between the 645 and the 745. And of course the 745 being single action is probably the biggest difference. Here's the link to that thread.

2nd Gen, 3rd Gen Mag Compatibility

I'm gonna grow fins.

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