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Originally Posted by amd6547 View Post
For just a fun 357mag day at the range, or as a general purpose load, the American Eagle 158gn JSP shoots very well.
Originally Posted by .455_Hunter View Post

I second the Federal American Eagle .357 Mag 158 gr JSP mentioned above. It is available at a good price, relatively clean, full power with a full weight bullet that will serve well for triple duty- target shooting, rural two-legged defense and rural four-legged defense.

I picked up a box of PMC, same specs as the Federal AE from my LGS because I hate to leave empty handed. Only been through a couple cylinders worth but it seems adequate for a general purpose load. Any out there have a track record with this brand?
AmmoLiquidator has a decent price on a case but the shipping cost kills the deal.
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