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Do you have more than one name here in the FORUM?

I was just asked this same question in a PM yesterday by someone claiming to also be in the process of acquiring a 3566

A barrel is easy, you just need a fist full of money and lots of patience

The only thing that stops people for make 1 of any product is the setup time and cost.

If you call and talk to Briley, they can make the barrel and fit it to the Briley spherical bushing that the 3566 was built with.

Just remember, if they agree to do this, it is not going to be a $200 barrel nor will it be a fast turnaround time.

as to 3566 compact, yes they could also have 9MM barrels fitted by the Performance Center. This was the same barrel that was used in the PC9 and 9 RECON Performance Center offerings

While off to a slow start, I am trying to bring the 356TSW folks expertise and experiences together at 356TSW.Com

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