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Default Range repot Barnes TTSX 130 grain .270 load test

Came by some Barnes TTSX 130 grain in .270 in case the need would arise to have a lead free bullet.

Tested the bullets seated at .010, .057, .099 and .115 off the lands in a Parker Hale 1200 with a Nikon ptostaff 5 mildot scope off the bench at 100 yards using reloader 16 powder.

Seat. Spread. Closest two. Vert. Spread. Horz. Spread
.010. 2.5". 1.3". 1.25". 2.1"

.057. 2.25". .88". .6". 2.5"

.099. 1.62". .85". .5". 1.5"

.115. .75". .47". .5". .5"

Found the trends interesting. Was going to chronograph the load but the chrono went tango uniform at the range this morning. This is pretty much opposite the data for the Speer 130 boat tail which like to touch the lands for the best accuracy.

This is also opposite from the TSX 140 grain bullet which shot best when seated about .040 off the lands.

Moral of the story seems to be generalizations about seating the "new" copper bullets far off the lands will hold true in some weight bullets but not for others even though the bullets would seem to be similar even when fired from the same rifle.
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