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Originally Posted by Inusuit View Post
I've had three guns refinished by this firm in Glenrock WY. It's within a couple hours of my residence. They've done excellent work, but as someone noted, you get what you pay for and their top tier re-blue is spendy. One of the firearms they did for me was Model 15-6 with a lot of holster wear. I was very happy with the results, but it cost as much as the gun and I understand I will never recoup that investment.
Glenrock Blue
I'm impressed!!

That which impressed me the most is the price difference between Factory, Deluxe, and Master blue----knowing full well the difference has not the first thing to do with the bluing---but with the preparation. Clearly they know it too!!

Here's how to grade preparation: Some's good, more's better-----and too much is just right!! (Same goes for horsepower and money.)

Were I to consider a refinish, I would be more than comfortable shipping it off to these folks-----and I'll bet I wouldn't be disappointed.

Ralph Tremaine
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