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Remington UMC in 9mm, 40 S&W, and 45 ACP consistently have flash holes 0.082 inch in diameter, which is the primary reason I prefer Remington cases for reloading. Because I clean my cases in a wet bath using stainless steel pins that are 0.405 inch in diameter and when the flash holes are less than 0.082 inch in diameter you will sometimes find two pins jammed in the flash holes. As a result if I have to resort to purchasing once fired brass at a gun show the first thing I have to do with those cases is run a 0.082 diamter drill through every single flash hole.

BTW, having done this many many times I can tell you that Winchester cases seem to have the largest variation in flash hole diameter with the drill falling into some cases and it taking a bit of effort with other cases. next in line for variation is Federal but a much larger proportion of the Federal cases has flash holes that run small, basically 96% or bit more actually need the drill. Blazer is also very similar to Federal but it's only about a 2% difference with 98% running small. Finally Speer cases are all small and the Speer cases are crimped in a very subtle manner. I've learned the hard way if the case is a Speer or S&B they need to be sorted out for primer pocket reforming and drilling the flash holes.
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