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Originally Posted by True_Precision_Inc View Post
Generally a 9mm chamber face cannot accommodate the wider .40. That's why you don't see very many, if any 9-40 conversions. It would require you to mill out the slide or completely swap it. The other way round (9 in a .40) works because the 9mm easily fits on a .40 chamber face with room to spare.
Not exactly true at all. Years ago several members made the 40 barrel fit in their 9mm frame and slide. They drimmeled the small tangs down on the 40 barrel. Those tamgs are the reason the 40 slide is a little wider where the barrel fits. So it can be done easily if someone wants to do it. THe other way 40 to 9mm is just drop in, basically. No drimel or grinding needed.

Many moons ago, i discovered the .40 to 9mm swap for the world to see. Several of us members still have our factory 9mm barrels that we use in our .40 for plinking. You can do a search on this forum and find all the info from years ago when this was first discovered.
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