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Default Primary Arms Red dot

Originally Posted by AR Owner View Post
This is puzzling to me, you will mount one to a range gun and shoot the snot out of your range gun, and it appears to hold up fine. But you wont put one on a home/personal defense gun that sits loaded and ready for use should SHTF at home. What, it's going bad from sitting on your weapon? It's apparently reliable and accurate enough to keep using at the range, but not reliable and accurate enough to shoot someone breaking into your home, or shooting someone meaning to do harm to you or your family?

I have three optics with PA labels on them, two 1x red dots and a compact 4x. They have given great service.

But... I put optics in two categories, recreation and duty worthy. PA optics in the $200 and under price range aren't in my duty worthy category. The operator of PA, Marshall, says the same thing.

Chinese quality control optics (no matter what label is slapped on them) work great until they don't. These are the more pricey Holosun/Primary Arms red dots.

Holosun A fail
Holosun B fail
Holosun C fail

Unsuitable at Any Range: A Holosun Review - The Firearm Blog

I've probably got more Chinese made red dots than most others here. They are great for recreational use. Expectations beyond recreation, no thanks.

Reminds me of the guy who posted pics on the Net of his PA Advanced Micro image shift. Horrible. He sent it back and got another that he said wasn't so bad. Chinese quality control is like a box of chocolates....

Al that said, I really like the lower priced PA optics. Marshall and his folks are great to do business with and stand by their products. If someone wants to use them on a firearm designated for duty/self defense then go for it... probably won't have a problem if a life or death situation arises. I just prefer the odds with proven duty worthy optics.

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