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Originally Posted by AR Owner View Post
This is puzzling to me, you will mount one to a range gun and shoot the snot out of your range gun, and it appears to hold up fine. But you wont put one on a home/personal defense gun that sits loaded and ready for use should SHTF at home. What, it's going bad from sitting on your weapon?
What's puzzling to me is that you think a true self-defense gun is rarely fired. Any device you use for protection should be used and practiced with A LOT! If ever there was something you need to be proficient with, it's that.

I agree wit Japes and Phil on this one. PA optics are decent. Their customer service is second to none. However, when it comes down to brass tacks, I want Trijicon or Aimpoint.

You can search my post on the MD-ADS to see what I think about it.
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