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Originally Posted by dlombard View Post
#1, having a backup gun makes a lot of sense to me because if your primary gun goes down for any reason (fails during a trip to the range requiring a trip to the gunsmith) or you need to switch to another one because the one you're using has failed in the middle of an actual confrontation, NOT having it would be bad. 2nd, just because someone you live with has one doesn't mean it's yours. It's theirs and it's their responsibility to maintain control over it at all times including knowing where it is and preventing anyone who has not been expressly authorized to use it from doing so. Therefore, If you're going to have a backup gun, it can't be someone elses, right?

Last but not least, I've read about people who will EDC at home rather than hope they can get to the room with the gun in it in time if one (or more) assailants breach your windows or door, or (even more silly) hide one in every room. A full sized sidearm for OWB EDC at home isn't comfortable or always suitable (i.e., if you have company), so some people IWB EDC at home. Even if you might have a full-size firearm locked up bedside for when you aren't wearing it (sleeping in bed).

Do you? If so, how did you convince the person or people you live with the reasoning behind doing this?

I ask because I tried to have this conversation over the weekend and I got a lot of unexpected feedback. Like, "it's excessive" specially since it's just a two bedroom apartment, and like they're being policed in their own home. Reactions that struck me as very weird. I got questions like, "how many guns are enough?"

At the end of the day, while I am gonna have a spare, if these are the rules, then these are the rules and I'll follow them. But I was just shocked at the response my proposal to EDC at home received... We both have one, we've both gotten training, visit the range from time to time. I didn't think this was going to be that strange of a thing to want to discuss, but the reaction was pretty angry so I just wanted to share my story here and find out if anyone has had a similar experience and if they've ever come around?

What if your husband told you, "if you carry all day at home, I'm moving out."? Or wife for that matter?
This will not get better and there will be mission creep into other things.
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