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Originally Posted by gwpercle View Post
98% of my reloading and shooting is handguns and target loads , since the great powder shortage I am on constant look out for any handgun powder. At times , no handgun powder would be available. I have heard of of the new IMR them but have not seen them yet and will keep an eye out for them.
What I wanted to mention was Red Dot , I was looking for Bullseye, the ONLY powder on the shelf was 3 one pound containers of Red Dot .....I bought 2 , Great powder, a lot like Bullseye, I like it a LOT , looking for more...but found Tightgroup , HP-38 and 700X ...wish I could find more Red Dot .
Red Dot is a very popular shotgun powder so any store catering to the sg loaders should have a lot of it as well as it's cheaper brother Promo. Same powder, no red tags, same data by weight.
My local guy has the new IMR line & I will get a # of Target to try in my 45acp & 9mm/40, minor loads.
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