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Originally Posted by scooter123 View Post
I would be concerned about the effect of the plating on the barrel. Based on the lack of any real wear that I've seen on common nickels for over 50 years I suspect that Nickel is a metal that approaches Steel in hardness. Think about it, my Dad had a silver dollar he carried every day since returning from WWII and by 1985 it had worn to the point where it was a silver disk with some waviness on both sides. Look at a Nickel that has been carried for 50 years and you can still read the date because the impressions are still relatively crisp.

Just saying, don't plan on shooting too many of those "sliver bullets" or you may have to purchase a new barrel.
I just did a few of these just to see how it would work out, I think it would be more of a novelty, but they would still fire.

I read about the possible effects of Nickel on a barrel, so for purposes would not put a very thick layer on it to avoid such damage. Could be cool for showing off in a display case or some of the Beauty shots i see people have on the board.

In this case i didnt have the current up high enough and the solution was a bit cold. I was able to wipe it right off the top with a little metal polish and just my hand.

So it was a nice thin layer that shouldn't cause any problems, However i wouldn't go shooting boxes of them at a time, just something nice that still "functions".
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