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Originally Posted by wlp624 View Post
...Notice that in addition to the cylinder, the ejector rod, thumb latch, and all pins and screws are also nickel. Also the special checkering on the trigger, hammer and backstrap...



I once again have spent some time looking at your photos and I've got to ask - is the nickeled trigger stud that protrudes on the left side under the cylinder domed or smooth with the frame surface? It looks domed to me - very cool. In addition to the pinto-ing I love all of the other special touches - checkered trigger and back strap, but the over the top touches are the nickeled pins and the nickeled small screws in the rear sight - now that is attention to detail.

Did you ever get the historical docs from the SWHF? If so, does it indicate who it went to and what the cost was for the gun?

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