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Originally Posted by gman51 View Post
I have twice missed seeing posted signs. Off to the side or even obscured by a bush so they weren't that noticeable.
If I ever get busted for it then I will make sure I get a picture of the sign and where it was placed that I didn't see it.
I am surprised a restaurant makes over 51% of its business from alcohol sales.
Not sure regarding Texas, but here in Louisiana, ...

given the food you ate, what you're describing sounds like an "oyster bar". My non-scientific study of such places, is that you probably sell 1 beer (draft usually), for every 2-3 oysters; if you order a dozen oysters between 2 guys, you will likely see 4-6 beers sold on the ticket too.
The oysters run from 25 cents to a dollar depending, and the beers usu run $2 or so. So it isn't hard at all for 51% of the overall sales to be alcohol. Heck, most of these places need to sell po-boys and appetizers to have a food profit margin high enough to not be considered a regular bar.
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