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Originally Posted by H Richard View Post
From most that I have seen the Cogswell & Harrison conversions seemed t obe one of the better ones.
Indeed. Just like Parker-Hale. They generally were re-blued, got a set of very nice proprietary wooden stocks, and most had the barrel shortened to 3.5 inches as seen in the catalog posted by Charlie with a new ramp front sight. And as I mentioned, most were converted, and if so, before proofing, so they were tested for .38 Special. And they put their name on the guns.

On the surplus ones that were imported unmodified by the barrel-load, supposedly sometimes so cheap they were priced by scrap weight rather than per gun, it is likely that as DWalt says, whoever bought a large enough batch and could afford to order the operation had the conversion done.

And to us they look alike, but if you think about how to beautify a beat-up surplus revolver at a time when revolvers were a dime a dozen, cutting the awkward long barrel, a more popular caliber, cheap nickeling, some "fancy" plastic stocks (remember, back then plastics were exciting and good!) all just make sense to make the things more attractive to customers. It would not be too surprising if that's what everybody did, and it is not the mark of one company.
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