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Originally Posted by pelle8 View Post
Here is a picture of the grip frame. It doesn't have the spur that the other version has. I was also able to see and verify the serial from the cylinder face. I also checked the bottom of the grip frame for a serial number, but it does appear like it was filed off or something. It does seem weird that it would be removed from the grip frame but kept on the barrel and cylinder, but whatever. Anyway thanks for all the information...
That confirms that you have a 32 Hand Ejector - 3rd model instead of a 32 Regulation Police.

Those that file off serial #s are not mental giants and don't think to look for the serial # in the other 5 locations on your gun.

SERIAL # LOCATIONS: To confirm all parts are original, one can check for the 6 matching serial # locations for fixed sight pre war Hand Ejectors and all post war Hand Ejectors thru ~1956 and a few as much as 3 years later.
NOTE: Observing serial #s for accuracy or even existence, especially on penciled stocks, requires magnification, bright light, and an attitude that it is there!

1. Gun butt - or fore strap on I frames/single shots with grips that cover the butt

2. Barrel - bottom of barrel or in extractor shroud

3. Yoke - on rear face only visible thru a chamber with a flashlight

4. Extractor star - backside

5. Cylinder - rear face

6. Right stock only - on back; stamped, scratched or penciled depending on vintage and stock material. (except most post war target grips because individual fitting not required.)
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