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Originally Posted by apollo99 View Post
Just in the past couple of years I have purchased six new to me S&W revolvers. All have been pre-owned, pre-lock. I for one do not like the lock, and I would have purchased all my revolvers new if the new ones didn't have the locks. I don't think S&W is doing themselves any favors catering to the lawyers and the anti-gun crowd.
Same here. Ruger and older pre-IL Smith & Wessons have gotten all my revolver business. It's crazy that S&W doesn't care about all the business they are losing.

I am struggling hard right now with the notion of buying a brand new 6" Model 17 Classic since I've had such a ridiculous hard time finding the right K-22 Masterpiece in used/pre-IL... but I just can't bring myself to do it. I will very likely end up with a 6" Ruger GP100 .22 instead.
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