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Hey! Let's remove the seat belts and air bags in most of our cars! It's a safety device! Big deal! In the last 300,000 miles; I can assure you I've never needed my seat belt as I've haven't been in an accident in that long, but in how much trouble would I be in if I grabbed a ratchet and socket and removed my seat belts. Just because I didn't like the way they looked!

Not gonna happen. The lock? Not gonna go away. It would be hard to remove a so deemed "safety device" even if it's so hated. It would be hard for the company to go back (or forward?) And start making revolvers without locks. (Although, in the current catalog, there are 3? A 442,642 and a 640pro? Right?)

I used to love getting in my old Nova with just a lap belt. And even sometimes without. Those days are past too.

Hey. Let's start making cars with carburetors and R12 a/c too! We all know R12 cooled alot better and faster but we all gotta use R134a . Also not gonna happen.

If having the gun disabled, prevents one childhood death in a million. It would be worth it. Sorry. Ugly lock stays.

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