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Originally Posted by Colonel View Post
Long live the .40 cal, .45 ACP and .357 Sig.
I do agree with you that modern bullet technology has advanced ALL bullets, and due to this the larger calibers will still perform better when compared to same design smaller caliber bullets.

However, your "long live" comment gave me quite the chuckle. You do realize that besides 45ACP, the other two could still be considered "infants" compared to all the other calibers that have been being used successfully for the past 100+ years.

I like to take the middle of the road and go with good old 357mag. In a defense situation, more isn't always better. If not 357mag, then either 38spl or 9mm, and yes, because better bullet technology makes them more effective. I will not argue that they are better ballistics wise compared to larger calibers, as I don't consider that pertinent. Getting the job done is pertinent, and I'm confident they will.

Trying to argue caliber is useless, and getting worked up over someone else's viewpoints on them is too. Everyone has their own favorites. I just worry about myself. It sounds like you have your favorites, so why worry about someone else's opinions.
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