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Lining up cartridges is quite scientific. I mean 38 and 357 are almost identical in size so they must have almost identical performance?
32 long Colt has more case capacity and almost the same size as the 9mm so it must be just as effective if not more.
Makes sense! Why are we using 7.62NATO or even 3006? When you line it up against a 45-70 you can clearly see the superiority of the 45-70.

Yes REALLY! The story of little women and small men is just that.....A story. The size of the guns in 9 and 40 are the same.

Yes their effectiveness is about the same. The object being shot can't tell the difference between 350ft-lbs and 420ft-lbs.

Take Federal HST. A popular and excellent performance ammunition. ENERGY
Muzzle​. 25 Y
9mm 364 330
40sw 408. 384
45acp 404. 389

The energy transfer and damage to the body is about the same. No one is going to tell a difference in 50fps.

Looking at things and making assumptions is definitely more scientific then research!
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