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Originally Posted by Colonel View Post
Please allow me to preface this posting that I do not purport to be an expect on ammo ballistics. But I am informed and observant to the obvious.
I keep hearing and reading: "That with todays ammo, 9mm ammo is just as effective as .40 cal and .45 ACP" because the FBI says so. Really, the FBI? A bastion of credibility? Again, REALLY?
If a LIE is said often enough and long enough, I guess it becomes true?
IMHO; the FBI came up with this justification in a politically correct report because woman and small men could not qualify with the .40 cal, and this was an easy out. Even if one knew nothing about ammo or ballistics, line the 3 cartridge up side by side and say with a straight face that they are "All have the same effectiveness". It is said that "todays bullet technology" makes the 9mm equal in performance to .40's and .45's, but that same technology advanced .40's and .45 ACP performance as well. Didn't it?
I for one, just don't believe this FBI report, and believe it's a LIE to fit a narrative under a certain devious and decepive political administration.
I keep reading this LIE over and over on this forum, (and others) and by many posters that have a LEO badge as an identifier. I would think that they would know better and not fall for the LIE? I cringe every-time I read a post that repeats this LIE. How can so many be so guidable? All one has to do is review history, gun battles, and the results. It was not to long ago, that the 9mm was deemed to an ineffective performer based on many shootouts, but now it's the KING because the FBI said so and "modern bullet technology"? COME ON! I am not getting sucked in.
Long live the .40 cal, .45 ACP and .357 Sig.
I've got to agree with you on this. Yes, today's technology made the 9 much better than it was. However, ammo manufacturers are not fools. They put that same tech into the 40, 45 and other calibers. So everyone is happy. Except the FBI of course. To be politically correct they went back to the 9. After what happened with Comey in the last year, I have very little faith in the FBI. That being said, I own several handguns and none of them are 9s. I'm not knocking them, but why would I carry a 9 when I can carry a 40, or 45? I'm a retired LEO and FBI (when they had a better rep) trained and certified firearms instructor and SWAT. If i I ran a PD they would most likely be carrying a 45 or maybe a 40. Just my opinion on the subject, so please, all of you 9 lovers out there, don't get insulted. There is nothing wrong with a 9, I would just rather carry a 45.
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