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Originally Posted by Mehutch View Post
When the mind and heart battle.

I now have nine S&W's, Two 586's and five 686's of different barrel lengths, a Model 65-1 in 4" and a Model 19-3 in 6". I am very happy with what I bought over the years. That is a lot and plenty for me to have and pass on to my Son.

But... I wandered into one of my local gun shops, just looking, and I saw a pre-lock 686-4 in 4" six shooter. I knew I was in trouble. It was magnificent in all ways. Old school pre-lock outstanding trigger and action. Clean like new, round butt with rubber grips.

There was only one problem, my mind said, "you really don't need it, you have so many fine 686's as it is." My heart said, "Oh you beauty, it is just the gun to fill the tiny hole in my gun family, and you have the money... run home and get the cash."

It is true I have a fine line of 686's in dash -4, -5, -6 and -7 with 6" and 4" barrels, six shooters and mostly seven shooters. I don't need another one. "but it is a pre-lock 686-4 six shooter..... just get it. There won't be many more around at this low price, $649." my heart pleaded with me. "You don't have one just like it, these older 'Best of the S&W Breed' will disappear and be over priced very soon. Hell you have the coin!"

My mind spoke sense, "That's $714 out the door for a gun you don't need. Hey when is this going to end? You are almost 65 years, how long will we be above ground? Your Son promised to take care of all your guns, but he is not into guns like you. Don't get me wrong... he like shooting, but still."

My heart replied, "If your Son is not into it like you, his kids will, and it will be a gun they could never have or afford. Think about that."

I went back to the gun store with the correct cash in my left pocket. It was still there next to the S&W 686 5" Talo 6 shooter and the S&W 686 3" Talo 6 shooter. "Don't do it!"... "There it is, get it now!" My hand grabbed my cash pocket and I hurried to my car cursing.

I understood both sides, both were valid reasons. "So many others are not as fortunate to have the guns you have. You don't have the time to shoot what you have now." said my logical mind. "But you would take really good care of it, and those new grips, wow. What if some guy got it and didn't care for it like you would, that's a crying shame. This gun wont cross paths with you again, ever." my heart shot back.

It is 11 PM and tomorrow is another day... maybe then... maybe not, I'll let you know.

Flash chromed hammer and trigger indicate an early dash 4. Is this one of the rare square butt dash 4's? If yes, and it is in your lap, you know what to do....

Im just here to help you spend your money, you're welcome

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