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I went the Apex route and as happy as a clam with it. On my cheap-a** spring gauge it's right at 4 pounds. As the Apex kit comes with the trigger safety and my Shield has a manual safety plus the holster well covers the trigger, I have no problem with the 4 pound pull. Trigger is smooth, with normal takeup, and a sharp, well-defined bang. Couldn't ask for more.

Of course there's the interwebs warning that if you change (improve?) a carry/self-defense gun from straight stock to anything else, and god forbid you have to actually defend yourself, you'll be crucified by the DA for being a cold-hearted, premeditated murderer with a killer gun designed to inflict supernatural physical harm. You can believe that or not....I choose to have a better gun that I can shoot better. YMMV.
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