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S&W Rover said, "I like the trigger on a self-defense gun, particularly one I might carry, to be fairly long and fairly heavy. I do NOT want a light, "like a glass rod snapping," trigger such as is desirable on a range gun."

He got me thinking....what are the trigger weights on my carry guns? So I broke out my cheap-a** spring scale and found: Apex on Shield is just at 4 lbs; the straight stock trigger on my Walther P99cAS is bang on at 5 pounds; and my Sig 320 (Apex straight trigger which does nothing to effect the weight of the trigger pull) is 4.5 pounds.

The SA pull on my wife's Walther PK 380 is just a bit over 4 pounds (absolutely stock) and just for giggles I measured my Walther P4 (which was handy) and it's 4.5 pounds in SA, probably pretty much like it was in 1976 when it was made. (And yes, I need a tow truck to pull the P4 in DA.)

So I guess I'm not feeling too bad about the 4 on my seems to be in the ballpark for a couple of unadulterated carry guns. Of course on them what has DA/SA, the DA is pretty much like S&W Rover suggests.
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