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Originally Posted by ontargetagain View Post
In my quest for finding a 45acp SWC bullet in plated or coated that can cut a pretty clean hole in paper I met up with a guy at my local indoor range shooting Badman bullets in 45acp. I was thinking by seeing his target that he was shooting full wadcutters but he showed me his 'red bullets'.

So later on I contacted Patrick at Badman bullets, what a wonderful gentleman who is passionate about his bullets and their quality. I ended up with some 45acp 200gr SWC's and some 158gr 38 SWC's to try out and I am impressed! Not only a quality coating that had no odor or smoke but very uniformly applied. I found it reassuring in the responses I got from Patrick when I had questions about certain load suggestions and I can easily say that he and his company are first class if anyone is looking for quality polymer bullets and also to check out his line of hardcast offerings.
The one I found most amazing was the offering of a 230gr 38 for bowling pin shoots, that thing is a beast!

Just wanted to share another great experience with a product and the vendor as another alternative to quality reloading supplies.
I had a similar experience. Excellent people. Very knowledgeable.
Trucks and guns.
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