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Originally Posted by ontargetagain View Post
***An update on the IMR powder from my use...........
For me clean burning and pleasant feel to the loads. Cases seem to seal well even in lower charges and come out clean. Nice amount of case volume fill in 45's. Metering for me in my Lee Perfect Powder Measure is not making me comfortable, I will get .2 to .4 swings which does not make me comfortable even though I load midrange and have the room the consistency is not appealing. But it may be time for a better powder measure too, always been thinking about the RCBS and maybe the new Lee Deluxe Perfect Powder Measure?
Thank you for the Update Karl. BTW, I have 3 of the Lee Perfect Powder measures and put them all in a box because I found that the only thing perfect about them was that they were a Perfect PITA to adjust.

I now use the RCBS Competition Powder Measure as my single powder measure and will recommend it very highly. The Micrometer adjuster make it very easy to change the volume to a previous setting so any time I change between calibers I can have my thrown weight dialed in on the dot within 2 or three throws. Since I'll use a powder like SR7625 for a variety of calibers this ability means I can load 9, then 40 caliber, and then 45 ACP by simply adjusting the micrometer setting. Note, I now keep a log of every recipe that includes the micrometer setting to it's real easy to change to a new caliber.

However I will note that with a large flake powder such as Longshot or Unique the Competition Measure is NOT any more consistent than the cheap Lee measure, so if you are using a poor metering powder then plan on hand weighing your charges. This is one reason why I load almost every handgun caliber I load using a powder that meters well. My Primary choices for handgun load are all Ball powders such as H110 or the Accurate 5, 7, & 9 along with the SR7625 and VV 3N37 because they meter superbly. However, I have used CFE Pistol to load 380 and even though it's a smaller flake powder it does meter well in the RCBS Competition measure. I would be curious to know if the new line of IMR flake powders are similar in size to the CFE Pistol, so anyone using both please post.
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