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Originally Posted by scooter123 View Post
Thank you for the Update Karl. BTW, I have 3 of the Lee Perfect Powder measures and put them all in a box because I found that the only thing perfect about them was that they were a Perfect PITA to adjust.

I now use the RCBS Competition Powder Measure as my single powder measure and will recommend it very highly. The Micrometer adjuster make it very easy to change the volume to a previous setting so any time I change between calibers I can have my thrown weight dialed in on the dot within 2 or three throws. Since I'll use a powder like SR7625 for a variety of calibers this ability means I can load 9, then 40 caliber, and then 45 ACP by simply adjusting the micrometer setting. Note, I now keep a log of every recipe that includes the micrometer setting to it's real easy to change to a new caliber.

However I will note that with a large flake powder such as Longshot or Unique the Competition Measure is NOT any more consistent than the cheap Lee measure, so if you are using a poor metering powder then plan on hand weighing your charges. This is one reason why I load almost every handgun caliber I load using a powder that meters well. My Primary choices for handgun load are all Ball powders such as H110 or the Accurate 5, 7, & 9 along with the SR7625 and VV 3N37 because they meter superbly. However, I have used CFE Pistol to load 380 and even though it's a smaller flake powder it does meter well in the RCBS Competition measure. I would be curious to know if the new line of IMR flake powders are similar in size to the CFE Pistol, so anyone using both please post.
I was taking a liking to the IMR Target but will shun away from a re-purchase due to metering since there are good powders that do meter very well for what I shoot.
Thanks for the recommendation on the RCBS, I will put that on my bucket list I will say for the price though the Lee will do for the majority a good job for me on many powders I have used, I guess there are a few powders that will require each load to be weighed simply because of design and lack of drop powder dispenser compatibility.
I have yet to try the Accurate powders but they are another group I will learn about and try. Gosh reloading is enjoyable!
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