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Originally Posted by bountyhunter View Post
I tried expensive bronze brushes and eventually they all shed bristles. After 30+ years of doing it I do say I found the best way...
Sure... I've been using a drill motor spinning oversize bore brushes to clean chambers for 30ish yrs using Brownells brand brushes with no "shedding bristles" issues. The bristles do end up 'laying down" after a while and then it's time for a new brush. I clean cambers this way before every match. I do the same with my 22LR semi-autos that leave a hard to remove carbon buildup in their chambers also.

If you don't put many rds downrange most techniques work well enough but if you shoot a lot and don't clean religiously until before matches spinning an oversize brush is the way to go. The bristles cut into buildup, you can see it in the hard to clean area between the end of the case and the start of the chamber throat.

It's kinda like mickey mouse chamber polishing schemes vs reaming chambers...
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