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I've unfortunately inherited trashy neighbors. After a nasty divorce the house next door was given to the wife who moved out of state and now rents the house. She doesn't care what they do as long as they pay the rent each month.

The current batch of renters are a complete nightmare. One is a registered sex offender and to make it worse the offense was with a child. He was busted a few years ago and charged with trafficking prescription pain killers and got off with probation. They still sell drugs out of the house and the LEO's know it goes on. I've spoke with them multiple times and nothing ever gets done. The house is trashed and the yard is nothing but knee high weeds. Completely kills my property value so I couldn't sell and move if I had to.

My best advise is to photograph everything whether it's you with a phone or other camera or game cameras. There's no denying photo evidence. Every single time get the cops out there and show them the photo. Once they have been warned and it's recorded with the LEO each offense afterwards should be a trespass. Eventually the neighbor may get the idea that you're not giving up and stop the foolishness or the cops will get fed up dealing with it and put a stop to it.

This is basically what I've done and although I hate the sight of the garbage dump next door they know good and well to leave me alone. You're in a really bad situation and I feel for you. Hope you get things straightened out.
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