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I reload for all my 38 spl target shooting. I just got into reloading about a year ago. I use 3.5 gr. Hodgdon Clays powder and I like how clean it shoots.
I started out with a Lee turret press and I do like it. It cost me much less than other name brand presses. And contrary to what some think about the Lee I have had no problems with mine and I have loaded over a thousand 38 spl.
I just loaded 400+ 38 spl using Swamp Popper 38/357 .358 dia. 124 gr. coated lead bullets. I suggest using coated bullets for less barrel leading. The box of coated bullets I just bought were only $1 more than a box of regular lead nose bullets. These were 44 spl from Missouri Bullet Co.

Cost savings is good especially when you are using your old spent casings. I am just now getting into loading 44 special and will be saving probably 70% over store bought rounds.
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