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Originally Posted by Protected One View Post
I feel for you in that situation. Unruly neighbors can make life miserable. I had such a neighbor living above me in a condo that we own. We had 9 noise complaints filed against him in less than a year and a half. One night he stomped around over our bedroom at 2am, just after the police (which we called) had left. If he'd known I had a glock 23 on the nightstand that MAY have tempered his tantrum, but I'm way to civil to use it that way.

My wife convinced me that we should move out and lease the place. He did the same thing with our tenants and even stole from their locked storage area in the basement. That was the last straw for them and they moved out in the middle of their lease.

While waiting for the NEXT tenants to move in, I went by to meet a carpet cleaner. The idiot was exiting his car when I pulled up, and started mouthing off about all he was going to do to me. Normally I'd just walked away from him, but now I had enough and turned to face him. This startled him and he stopped in his tracks about 15' away, looked at me for a second, and then slowly reached inside his jacket as though reaching for a gun carried in the crossdraw position while saying "I'll shove this dessert eagle up your... Before he could draw I had cleared my cover garment and had a firm grip on the .40S&W I was carrying at 5:00. He DIDN'T REMOVE HIS HAND from inside the coat, I believe sensing that that movement would be the signal that caused me to draw and fire. He would have been correct.
Instead he chose to slowly back away and entered the building, after which I called the police - again.

Our next tenant turned out to be a State Correctional Officer, and there have been no more problems with the neighbor!

My suggestion would be to install lights and cameras (to record future actions) so you can provide "proof" of their trespassing, theft, etc., if needed. Also, a couple of nasty dogs would be a good topper. I DEFINITELLY don't like the open carry and cleaning guns outside ideas! Too much could go wrong there.
Your mention of the last tenant being in law enforcement mirrors my experiences here. We had a local LEs home broken into and several guns, his badge, and some electronics stolen. He had it ALL back in 2 days. No arrests were made. Local LEs put 10 officers in a known drug area and told everybody they would go away when his items were returned.
The OP might want to enlist some local LEs and get this taken care of. It works.
I personally think this SUCKS! I told some local guys that if that had been my stuff, it would have been GONE!
First of all, what is a "known drug area"? If it's known, why can't they stop it? Making deals for no arrests?? Anyway, try to get some local LEs to take it on as a personal affront to their authority. Good luck.
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