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Originally Posted by rct269 View Post
I don't know diddly about model number guns--------------but

"Pre- Model" number guns usually/typically/often times had the crane screw fit to the gun----which is to say it had been shortened---so as to not bind the crane.

Fast forward to this day and age, and YOU took your sideplate off! Did you put the EXACT SAME screw that came out of the crane screw hole back into the EXACT SAME hole---OCD or not? I didn't think so----mostly because I make the same mistake-----not frequently---but often enough that I immediately recognize the cause of the problem if/when there is a problem.

Helpful hint: Remove the sideplate screws. Line 'em up, and sit and stare. If there's a short one, it goes in the front hole. If there isn't a short one, you need help from someone else.

Ralph Tremaine
Yes, it's in the right hole. Because when i take them out, I line them
Up on the bench in the same order.

And I took the plate off months ago. Only shot it last week. And the tightness wasn't there before I shot it.

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