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Someone talked about Pre-travel, which nothing more than take up of the first stage of the Shields two stage trigger. The trigger is a bit spongy, but mine breaks at a reasonable seven pounds. The real problem with the stock Shield trigger is the significant backlash after the trigger breaks. This is where the muzzle is most likely to jump a bit, degrading accuracy. After a good deal of use and dry firing with snap caps, the trigger on my Shield has worn in a bit. With a strong two hand hold it is possible to retain the sights on target during firing to achieve good results. For me the stock trigger, worn in, is a satisfactory arrangement for a small size companion that shoots a real pistol cartridge.

By contrast both the Glock and XD pistols have less of this backlash and are therefore are easier to shoot well. However, the Shield as an overall package seems more attractive as a CCW. For those who wish to upgrade the Shield to a better target quality trigger, I see no downside, particularly with the thumb safety.

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