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IMO the cause for this is pretty obvious, you broke the rule about only having ONE powder on your reloading bench.

My procedure when reloading is to take the bottle of powder from my storage locker and put it on the reloading bench next to the powder measure with the label FACING ME. There it remains until I've finished reloading with this powder. Then the powder measure is emptied back into that bottle. On the occasions where there is only a small amount left in the measure and the bottle on the bench is empty I will then take a bottle OF THAT SAME POWDER to the bench and put both bottles side by side to compare the label and insure they are the same. Then I'll break the seal on the new bottle and empty the powder measure into that new bottle. Yeah, this can result in a small amount of a different lot number going into that new bottle but they are the same powder and I take the time to tip that new bottle over several times to mix them up.

If I want to change over to a different powder I make sure that the powder measure is empty and the spot on my bench where I set the powder bottle in use is also empty. Bascially I make sure to Clear the Reloading bench when changing powders. At that point I can then get a bottle of the new powder out of the locker. Yeah, this does mean I have to make an extra trip or two but since I got a step tracker I really don't mind a few extra steps in a day and it is the surest method I've been able to come up with that insures I won't ever make the mistake of mixing powders and help reduce the potential for loading with the wrong powder.
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