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Default Extraction issues with pre-28

Good afternoon everyone. I've been having some extraction issues with my pre-28 Highway Patrolman. These are with my reloads which are within safe limits, nothing over pressure. Everything fires fine, but when I go to extract, a couple cases will extract about 0.25" and then are stuck. The cases that aren't stuck can be pulled out freely by my fingernails. The ones that are sometimes require putting the end of the extractor rod against the bench and pushing on the grip to get them free. When I try to put these spent cases back into the chambers, they go in most of the way until I feel some resistance. I can press them in all the way, and then they're hard to extract again.

At first I thought it was my reloads, until I tried them in my 27-2 and 28-2. Those two guns have no issues with these loads. The spent cases that got stuck in the pre-28 can even chamber and extract from those guns like butter. Tried them in my Rossi 92 as well, but that gun just chews through whatever I feed, no issues there.

I've spoken with the gunsmith at the shop I work at and he recommended chucking a bore brush in an electric drill and run it through the chambers to clean them of any stubborn carbon build up, but no luck yet. He also recommended some very fine abrasives to try next which I will do when I get the chance.

Has anyone else had similar issues? What would you think is wrong and what would you do to fix it?


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