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Originally Posted by glowe View Post
Curious why the deal did not go through? That price is a great buy unless it has been bored out for some reason? My guess is that it is a 44-40 Frontier, since it does have the long cylinder and low serial number. Also, why do you need an FFL? California or New York?
True dat,and probably other locales as well.As a New Yorker,all cartridge firing guns must go through an FFL,and be listed on my PL. In fact,if I owned a percussion or flintlock handgun,and wanted to fire it,it would have to go on the license as well.
I'd be wary of anyone wanting any type of gun with a condition being a direct sale only .If a gun is worth x amount,it's worth x amount plus the transfer fee.
As a NYer,I can't transfer any gun,including rifles,in a FTF transaction.All must go through a FFL,and I don't have a problem with that.At least,I know that the buyer can legally own them.

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