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Default Problems with my 30-30 load

So here's my scenario, I decided to take a shot at reloading rounds for my Winchester pre 64 30-30 for general plinking. I did not find a lot of sources for plated bullets other than Extreme and Berry's, so I ended up buying 500 rounds of 150gr from Extreme during one of their sales. Loading was pretty straight forward, I used a full length RCBS die set with a Lee crimp die thru my Dillon 550B press. Load data came right out of my Modern reloading book by Richard Lee. I used 28.7 gr. of IMR3031 with an OAL of 2.550 with a velocity average of 2156. I did a light crimp of .001 less than neck size. So I ran 10 rounds thru my Chronograph with another 10 rounds at a target @ 100 yards. So my problem is, 50% of my shots were 5' or so off target. I did read that other loaders complained about wandering bullets on their site, but others saying they were spot on. All my factory rounds are spot on. I do realize their recommended velocity was 1950, I was thinking of playing with my load to get it below 1950, but I thought it might help to reach out to someone who has been down this road before. Anyone have any experience with Berry's? or another plated plinking type bullet? Anybody got any ideas? I appreciate any help in advance
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