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I have thought about this too, sir - and wound up just getting a 2-incher. There's a pretty decent one in the classifieds as I type - he wants $425 for it. I'm tempted by it but we also need a new A/C. I don't think you want to mess with replacing the yoke/crane - too much potential to have to be fitted - way, way beyond my capability. You would also have to watch out for version differences - I have a 10-5 and a 10-7 - and the cylinders are not interchangeable. That said, I called the mothership today and ordered a 10-5 cylinder - I think cylinder assembly. They wanted $134 for it shipped - pricey, but beats sending one of my 10's back to be refinished. The frame looks pretty good on it - minus one pretty good sized nick. But, the cylinder looks like it was rolled down a sandy sidewalk ...

Edited to add: well, maybe the 10-5 and 10-7 cylinders are interchangeable - but the yokes sure aren't.

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